10 Benefits of Aqua Training

aqua raining group

Water is probably  the most important substance on our planet. We need it to water our plants, to hydrate ourselves, and now to assist in our workouts! Water aerobics is defined as a non-weight bearing (easy on the joints) resistance and aerobic exercise performed in shallow water. Popular exercises like jumping jacks and jogging are performed in the water. Water equipment like water weights, and floating belts are incorporated to increase water resistance as well as help with flotation and balance.Aqua Training can be performed just about anywhere; from health and fitness clubs to public or private swimming pools to even shallow lakes. All you really need is the motivation and dedication to splash around a little bit (warm weather wouldn’t hurt either).

aqua raining group

Benefits of Water Aerobics:

  1. Non-weight bearing exercise
  2. Improves muscular endurance
  3. Improves core strength and endurance
  4. Great exercise for pregnant women
  5. Improves flexibility
  6. Improves cardiovascular conditioning
  7. Burns enormous amount of calories
  8. Keeps the body cool during exercise
  9. Fun and enjoyable exercise
  10. Great way to modify or spice up normal routine
aqua training benefits

Safety is the most important issue when in the water! Contact Kim before getting started!

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